We live for a good mani but there’s nothing more frustrating than when you have to paint one side with your non-dominant hand. One side looks like Picasso did it himself while the other looks like you gave the polish to your 3 year old niece. Not a good look at all.

Because it can be hard to do this on your own, we have a few tips that are going to make your life a whole lot easier when using your non-dominant hand.

Vaseline is your best friend for prepping. You know how when you go to the salon the stylist applies lotion to your forehead to wipe off any color that may have moved around in the process? Well, you can do the same to your nails. Apply a bit of Vaseline around the cuticle so you can easily wipe off any mistakes.

Keep it steady. Yes, we know that doing your nails while watching Scandal can be incredibly comfortable but that just sets you up for disaster. By sitting on the couch, you more prone to make mistakes because you move around more. Put a pillow on the ground and do your nails on your coffee table instead to avoid making mistakes. Your arm should be resting on the coffee table as well.

Apply thin layers. They say less is more and when it comes to nails, dominant or non-dominant, this is especially true. The last thing you want to do is have thick looking polish so apply thin coats and just increase the number until you get to your desired shade.

Pull the skin back to get a perfect coat. We tend to be afraid of getting polish on the skin that’s on the side of our nails and end up with oddly painted nails. You can easily prevent this from happening if you pull back the skin a bit so that you can really get into the side with your brush.

Tidy up! Even after you’ve tried all of these tips, we’re 99.9% sure still going to have some unwanted polish hanging around so fix this by dipping and angled brush into some nail polish remover and cleaning it up. It’ll look like you went to a pro to get your nails done.

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(Cover image: beautystat.com)