Booties are such a big trend and have been this past year. Everyone from celebrities, models, and bloggers have at least one pair of black booties and it helps that they’re super comfortable. The obsession started around the time Balenciaga came out with their cutout booties and rapidly grew from there. Some booties have cutouts (like Balenciaga), other have chains but a classic plain black pair is the best to have because you can adorn to fit your own style. See how you can make your own boot jewelry.


You’ll need the following supplies:

1. Booties (they don’t have to black)
2. Various types of chains
3. Silver rings and safety pins
4. Needle-nose pliers
5. Wire cutters

Now follow these steps:

Step 1. With the chain of your choice, measure around the boot and cut it with the wire cutters. Do the same for the other boot.

Step 2. Connect the chain with a safety pin or silver ring. Be sure to have the connecting parts right where the zipper for the boot is to avoid any mishaps.

Step 3. Repeat with the rest of your chains.

This DIY is great if you want to add a different vibe to your boots or just want to give life to an old pair. You can do this with different pairs of boots so don’t limit yourself with just this pair.