It’s the year 2015 and if you haven’t tried or even heard of face oils yet, you’re seriously missing out. The big misconception about how oils make your skin oily has already been disproven and in fact, face oils are some of the best natural moisturizers out there. They help with anti-aging, evening out your skin tone, and help with problematic skin.
The right skin oil for your skin concern can works wonders and if you’re searching for an oil for your specific skin issue, see which one of the oils your skin can benefit the most from.
Aloe Vera oil. We’re all familiar with aloe vera when it comes to sunburn but it actually helps out a lot more than just cooling red skin. If you suffer from any type of skin irritation like psoriasis or even dandruff on your scalp, this oil can help soothe the skin.
Carrot oil. If you suffer from scarring on your face or even textured skin, carrot oil is the oil for you. It has rejuvenating effects on the skin because it helps with cell rejuvenation. It’s also great at protecting your skin from environmental aggressors so if you live in a big city, your skin will appreciate this oil.
Tea tree oil. We get breakouts at one point or another and if you suffer from acne, it can be especially difficult to get rid those pesky spots. Tea tree oil is nature’s bacteria killer so if you have some pimples that just won’t go away, apply this all over your face or as a spot treatment.
Rosehip oil. This oil can really help out your skin when it comes to scarring or if you have stretch marks on your body. Rosehips oil helps with rejuvenating the skin as well with elasticity so scars heal faster and stretch marks look less visible.
To see more oil fixes for your problematic skin, check out the video!