The women’s power suit has taken many forms over the years and it isn’t easy to define. The power suit has been able to empower women in the workplace and has spawned a new form of office fashion. The power suit used to be characterized by oversized boxy shoulders and masculine lines. However, this year’s female power suit is sleek, sophisticated and sexy as well.  Celebrities like Kate Hudson and Halle Berry both favor the women’s wear suits because they provide a sense of power and strength yet still allows them to convey their inner vixen.  Below you’ll find our list of key pieces that you’ll need in order to pull off the power suit look.

Double Breasted Jacket
A double breasted jacket is the perfect way to add a commanding and powerful element to your work ensemble.  You can soften the look of this masculine fashion pieces by opt for a fun print or you can add more feminine accessories into the mix.

Collared Shirts
Collared shirts are a must have for rocking the power suit, we suggest investing in plenty of different colors and styles.  We love the way the addition of the collared shirt adds to the powerful style but still highlights a woman’s femininity and can be used to add softness to the overall look. A contrasting collar shirt is a great way to go, if your looking to add in a little fun and playfulness to the power suit look.

Sleek Simple Pumps
There is no better footwear for the office than a perfectly polished and classic pair of pumps. We recommend investing in black, gray and nude pumps just to be sure you’ll have a pair to match any suit combo you may wear. If in the event pumps aren’t your thing, or you just want to go with a more interesting shoe then look to pointed ankle strap heels.

Fitted Trousers
Fitted and tailored trousers are what make the power suit look so commending and conservative. Make sure to find trousers that not only fit properly around the waist but also have enough length to accommodate high heeled shoes.