Do you have over 10 bracelets or bangles on your arm right now? Are you matching the color of your earrings with the color of your dress or top? Or maybe you have a plaid shirt around your waist but never listened to grunge music in your life? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you might be trying too hard with your style. Find out what other fashion fouls you may be making and don’t even know it.


The arm party. A while ago this was a very trendy thing to do assuming the colors paired well with the look and maybe an oddball bracelet thrown in but now some girls are taking it way too far. The arm is halfway full of bracelets that don’t make sense at all with each other or with the look. Stop while you can or we’ll have to report you to the fashion police.

Faux cape. We love capes. In fact, they were extremely popular this past winter and instantly made any outfit look more sophisticated but the key word to this trend is “cape” and not “faux cape”. We’ve seen so many women throw on a regular coat and pretend it was a cape and it’s just not working. Sorry ladies, either buy a real cape or put your arms through the sleeves.

Grunge look. If you’ve got a “Ramones” t-shirt on but have no idea who they are, you’re probably trying too hard. The grunge look that started last year is still in full swing now but we wish it would stay with the people who actually live a grunge lifestyle. We get that it looks cool but that plaid shirt around your waist isn’t making you look any cooler or making your bottom look any smaller.

Glasses without prescription. Nothing says “I want to look smarter and more intellectual” than wearing glasses when you don’t actually need them. There’s no way of actually knowing that they’re not real unless you’re super close to the person wearing them but it’s best to leave them to the people who actually need prescription eye wear.

These are a few fashion fouls that make you look like you’re trying too hard but if you want to see additional mistakes, check out the video.