Who doesn’t want to look perfectly polished while saving money at the same time? Sometimes with our busy lives it can be hard to fit in a trip to the nail salon. Some DIY professionals can’t even paint a perfect mani! Here’s a few tips that will save your tips the time while nailing your own manicure.

It’s very important that when doing your own nails, you find the right shape for your tips based on size and length. If you want to avoid snags and rips, opt for rounded tips instead of trendy shapes like coffins and stilettos. If you want to go for the square look, make sure you round the edges on your nails.

You also want to make sure that the edges of your nails are buffed to eliminate debris from underneath your nails and near your cuticle. You always want to make sure that the direction you file your nails is the same, so that you keep your nails intact.

Another important step to achieving the perfect at home nails, is to always prep your nails before you paint them. Never soak them in the water to avoid expansion, always use a primer coat and clean your nails with nail polish remover. Never shake your nail polish bottle before you use it because it can create bubbles in your polish affecting the appearance of your nails.

Finally, using two thin nail coats are better than using one thick coat of polish. If you have clumps of polish on your nails, it will take longer for your nails to dry and also put them at risk for smudges. There’s no right way to do your nails, but these ways can definitely improve your manicure game!