A cute heart manicure is good for any time of the year and not only Valentine ’s Day. It’s fun, cute, and easy to do especially if you’re a fan of nail art. The best things about it is that you can use whatever colors you’d like if you’re not into just using the typical red or pink. You can also use nail art gems to add a little bling to your nails.


If you’d like to try out this adorable mani, you’ll need the following products:

1. Top base coat
2. Red nail polish
3. A thin brush

Apply the top coat to all of the nails. Then, put some red polish on a piece of paper or napkin so you can control how much red polish goes on your thin nail brush. Take your thin brush and dip it into the red polish and start your heart. A good tip if you’re not good at drawing hearts is to make an upside-down 3 on your nails. And that’s it!

If you’d like to see a tutorial and additional things you can do to this mani, tune into the video.