Love is definitely in the air this year. With celebrities and famous figures getting engaged and married more than we’ve ever seen. Today it’s not all about how big the diamond is, it’s about how unique the ring is for you. With so many different things that go into a wedding, it’s no surprise that wedding bands have been the biggest change. It’s not all about how things match or how much the stone sparkles.

Colorful Stones On A Wedding Band:
There have been so many wedding bands this year with not just one stone, but multiple stones that aren’t just a single white diamond. Sustainability plays a big role in to this type of ring because recycled gold shows appreciation towards the environment. They are beautiful and a bride can really match their ring with their personality!

Mixed Metal:
Yellow, white gold, rose gold, and platinum have all been seen layered together with not only wedding bands but also engagement rings. Since traditional rings are out, mixed-matching is in. Brides are mixing different styles together to really give a unique look. Another thing that is an is matching the brides wedding band to the grooms. Incorporating the same metal or style to really give couples a sense of unity. It’s a sweet, old fashioned trend that has made a comeback.

More Than One Wedding Band:
The first type is stackable wedding rings. Another type is the contrasting ring which is also very beautiful! And an idea that is very sentimental, the ring guard. It guards both sides your engagement ring so that it does not get scratched or chipped in any way. You can pick something that is timeless and unique for you!