The ombre color trend first started with hairstyles, and then moved to manicures and now finally to fashion. This light to dark, or vice versa, color design is flattering, youthful and unique which is why this trend seems to have some real staying power. Ombre denim is just the latest realm of clothing to be hit by the fun ombre color trend. Some  ombre denim pieces fade from dark wash denim to total white, while other variation of this style feature a more subtle ombre touch.  There are tons of different ways you can rock ombre denim and below you’ll find our top three favorites.

Ombre Denim Shorts

Ombre denim shorts are a chic and unique way to beat the heat this spring and summer. Pair them with a simple t-shirt and sandals and you’ll be looking chic and sweet in no time.  Best of all, ombre denim short are simple to make if you have an old pair of denim shorts lying around, like most of us girls do. Just go online and look up a DIY ombre shorts making tutorial, they are typically pretty fool proof and the end result is a fantastic and cost conscious way to rock the ombre denim style.


Ombre Denim Button Down

The button down ombre denim shirt is the most versatile way to rock this trend. It can be paired with skirts, trouser and even maxi dresses. We typically prefer an ombre denim button that starts off light at the top and fades to dark at the bottom, because shirts that are light at the bottom can cause you to look more bottom heavy than you really are.


Ombre Denim Colored Skinny Jeans

The ombre denim trend doesn’t just have to be in basic blue, feel free to mix it up color wise.  Ombre skinny jeans look fantastic in colors like gray, lavender, burgundy and maroon.