(Photo Source: pogrebkov)

Your new boost of energy can be found in your beauty routine

If you are like most of us, you have to have your cup of coffee to start the day. Or at least some sort of caffeine either through that grande iced latte from Starbucks or even that gas station RedBull. Caffeine helps you feel alert and refreshed. So would caffeine in your skin care products do the same?

Some of the latest and greatest in beauty products is taking something that most people do every day and applying it to your skin. Caffeine infused lotions and creams are the latest in “miracle” products that wake up your skin and have it feeling refreshed. Products have been developed to help with puffy eyes, flushed skin, or even reduce the appearance of cellulite.

But science has shown that while it works for some, others may see a lesser result. The difference in the effectiveness of the product is based on heredity and genetics. For example, caffeine has been shown to help with puffy eyes but only if your puffy eyes aren’t hereditary or caused by tiredness.

But beware, the beauty products often contain higher amounts of caffeine than your normal cup of coffee and could lead to toxicity if not controlled.